Whether you’re seasoning, rubbing, brining or marinating, let thickness be your guide for flavor. The thicker the meat, the more it needs. Whether it’s meat, poultry or fish, follow this guide for best results.

For a seasoning or rub:

Season the top, bottom and sides for full coverage. When using a dry rub, be gentle. Too much pressure can stretch out the fibers of the meat, making it chewy. Just give the rub a good pat and get grilling.

For a brine or marinade:

Try using our Original BBQ Marinade Mix for the perfect flavor balance. And be sure to watch the clock. Leaving the meat in a marinade for too long can make it mushy. Small seafood should sit for no longer than 45 minutes. Thinner pieces of meat and poultry should marinate for no more than 2 hours. Whole chickens, large whole fish and big cuts of meat can go no longer than overnight.