Grill marks look great on anything, even fruit! Grilled fruit is delicious and unexpected, but keep in mind that some fruits fare better on the grates than others. Here is a quick primer on how to get that delicious grilling flavor without overcooking the fruit, along with which fruits we recommend.

For best results, make sure your fruit is firm and not overripe. Experiment, have fun and find your favorite! Here are a few fruits that we love on the grill: apples, peaches, pineapple, pears, figs, watermelon, lemons.


Go for medium-high heat to minimize sticking. Cut the fruit into large chunks – it’ll keep it from falling through the grill grate and will help maintain the fruit’s structure as it cooks.


Lightly brush the fruit with a high-heat, neutral-flavor oil (like safflower or grapeseed). If you’re grilling citrus, put a little sugar on the cut side before grilling – the sugar works with the citric acid to caramelize, which looks and tastes amazing. Place the fruit cut side down on the grill and close the lid. Check after a few minutes; if it’s not done yet it may need a few minutes more. Denser fruit, like pineapple, will require more time.


Lastly, have fun with your pairings! Grilled fruit offers a refreshing, delicious way to mix up your meals.